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The Beach

There is nothing more beautiful than the attempt of the sea to kiss the beach, no matter how many times she expels him
( Paulo Coelho )

The coastal town of Pipa is a natural and authentic paradise, surrounded by miles of semi deserted beaches, lagoons, dunes and natural pools. Call in Portuguese "Praia da Pipa", this city is famous for its charming natural beauty that attracts visitors from all over the world to admire this idyllic natural landscape that has become famous but retains the relaxed style typical of tropical Brazil. Pipa Beach, considered one of the 10 best beaches in Brazil, is characterized by white dunes and cliffs covered with Atlantic forest, from which you can easily see dolphins and sea turtles.

Giz Beach
Relaxation and tranquility on the beach

Guaraíras Lagoon
Tours and natural beauties

Malembá Beach
Between sand dunes and deserts

Cacimbinhas Beach
For lovers of paragliding and kitesurf

Madeiro Beach
To surf and enjoy nature

Dolphin Bay
Perfect for swimming with dolphins

Pipa Beach
Natural beauty and fun

Love Beach
Privacy and natural pools