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"Nature is not a place to visit. It's our home."
( Gary Snyder )

Tibau do Sul is a place where nature is exuberant, where peace and tranquility reigns. But it is also one of the best destinations for those seeking new excitement and adrenaline in sports, recreation and entertainment. Sunny beaches and waves are ideal for water sports such as surfing, kite surfing, kayaking and canoeing in the mangrove. Horseback riding through the nature reserves, accompanied by an incredible sunset.

Boat Tours
The discovery of new landscapes

Escursioni in Barca

Canoe & Kayak
Among the lagoon mangroves

Canoa & Kayak

Surf & Kitesurf
Between waves and winds

Kitesurf & Surf

Stand Up Paddle
Open sea fun

Stand Up Paddle

Sand Board, Buggy & Quad
Between the sand dunes

Sand Board, Buggy e Quad

Horse Tours
In the dunes at sunset

Passeggiate a Cavallo a Tibau do Sul

Ecological Sanctuary
A nature reserve to discover

Santuario Ecologico

Tibau do Sul village
Typical fisherman's village

Villaggio di Tibau do Sul

Pipa Beach Village
Lively fishing village

Villaggio di Praia de Pipa